Prana Breath and Aura Fields in Meditation

Prana in Sanskrit (Hindu) in the ayurvedic tradition (“the knowledge for long life”) is “life force” or “vital energy” in particularly the breath.

Prana is the life force of the heart and its field (also considered the “aura”), and the vital energy of the field and the body in the field.

All living organisms (plants, animals, and even humans), have a field of energy around the physical body ("aura"). Not only the body as a whole, but our cells, tissues, and our organs; they all have their own governing fields and they are all holistic (work harmoniously together). All of these fields act like a frequency wave from a radio, and they surround the body holding information such as how to heal the physical body, possibly memory, and much more. With the DNA of a living organism being like a library, it has been said that the field may even be the decision maker on what particular piece of information is taken from the DNA. This can make a difference in whether we are male/female, race, and other features as such.

Prana, the vital life force of the breath can be considered the “volume” (using a radio for example) of the heart rate. Practicing a slower (slower then heavy fast breathing), steady breathing technique will produce a steady heart beat. Combine this with positive thoughts (which imprint the field), calming the mind, and releasing yourself from your “ego” will instruct the fields of the body, organ, tissues, and cell to heal. Practicing this in your life won’t allow “dis-ease” to continue in the body. There are actual frequencies that a “dis-eased” body functions in, as well as a healthy body functions in. Even the emotion and thought of love or something one loves has a frequency. But, we will get into that in Quantum Theories.

This life force energy feeds the soul and its fields, like the sun feeds all living beings on this planet. It is a portion of our source energy within and around the body.

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Five Pranas

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